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The Consciousness Explorers Tribe (CET) is an 8-week extended retreat dedicated to authentic connection, deep transformation, and a sustainable evolution towards your personal success.

It is designed to teach you how to become fully conscious and clear about where you currently are in life, reclaim yourself, reconnect to your authentic nature, and release inner and outer stress. Thus, you will become free from whatever holds you back to live a truly fulfilled life.

At the end of this extended retreat, you will have solid knowledge about Trauma, the Nervous System, and the recent Psychedelic Renaissance, based on science and years of professional training and practice. You will have a wide variety of effective tools and exercises for your personal growth and inner work.

Additionally, we will have taught you a bulletproof method to work through any challenges that prevent you from living your dream life.

Sounds good? Then jump on board!

We are super excited to have you here and we would love to be your guides on this transformative journey.

With love,
Johannes & Anna


Painpoints, Joy points, Results, Benefits

We live in intense times with a lot of change and uncertainty around us.

Coming together with like-minded people and creating a tribe of trust, is a highly powerful way of evolving as humans. As we open up to others, we see ourselves and as others open up to us, we see even more of what lies within us.

There cannot be a better time to really, deeply get to know ourselves and our true nature. Peace and happiness have their source within, yet we are so strongly conditioned to search for it outside in our achievements, material success, and relationships.

Orientating ourselves on the outside will lead us to lose ourselves more and more in what we often then think is our truth. The consistent stress of longing for things we don’t truly want, will further feed our dissatisfaction and make us even more accessible to society’s stories about what we need and therefore the feeling of lacking something.

While there is nothing wrong with striving to create great things (we do, too), it is essential -and very exciting- to discover the deeper reality of this human existence, and create success from a place of wisdom, authenticity, and connection.

Being able to dissolve the underlying fear of not belonging, we start to accept ourselves and heal our wounded bodies, hearts, and souls. Through this process, we start to show up as our true selves. This enables real connections and nourishing relationships.

Often, when the foundation cracks of what we have built to feel successful and being loved, we discover that it was built on a lie.

Discovering our calling (or “Purpose”) comes from freeing ourselves from what is holding us back and allowing it to unfold naturally. In every aspect of our lives.

This is a magical and powerful opportunity to discover your truth and freedom.


To share our personal knowledge and professional experience of what it takes to heal from your past, to become fully present and aware of your potential and to explore the incredible beauty of this life and the divine connection that is our birthright and natural essence.

The next cohort of this extended retreat will start on Monday, the 1st of May 2022.


Überblick der Themen: Trauma, Schatten, Psychedelics, Inner Work

The extended retreat Consciousness Explorers Tribe (CET) is designed to help you help yourself by exploring your being, going beyond what you might have thought you are, and taking you on an 8-week journey to gain profound wisdom in those live-changing areas:

PERSONAL GROWTH & INNER WORK, and how to let go of past stuff to live a fulfilled, purposeful and authentic life.

SOMATIC TRAUMA HEALING, and how it helps to release stress and embody resilience, inner peace, and joy.

PSYCHEDELIC THERAPY, and the amazing benefits of this ancient wisdom’s renaissance.


BONUS: the CET is supported by the unique „7-C Method to Own Your Life“, which has been developed by Johannes after his many years of healing work and extensive training.

This method gives you a highly powerful and effective tool you can apply to all challenges of life, during and especially after the 8-week extended retreat.

Once learned, you will find it to be applicable to any transformational step you are ready to take to get closer and closer to your true being and heal happiness.

This unique program consists of group sessions, personal 1:1 Coaching & Healing Work, and a deeply transformational live retreat in beautiful nature.



Is the Consciousness Explorers Tribe right for you?

We have discovered that people with the following challenges will profit the most from gifting themselves this life-changing experience. Maybe you find yourself in one particular type or a mix of all.

If you read through the following statements and find yourself nodding then you are most likely a very good fit to be part of the CET.

You want a balanced and fulfilled life.
You face a lot of inner and outer stress.
You can’t seem to slow down and find lasting inner calm and peace.
You are tired of powering yourself out, knowing that something needs to change, but don’t know where to start.
You don’t want to end in (maybe yet another) burn-out.
You want to navigate your life with balance, clarity, and direction.

You are an ambitious professional but don’t live your full potential.
You feel stuck in one or more areas of your life.
You are professionally successful, but something is lacking.
This leads to confusion, increasing pressure, and even more stress.
You are ready to unlock the true power and potential you feel inside.

You are a spiritual seeker & consciousness explorer.
Meditation, Yoga, and Ayahuasca retreats only have brought temporary relief.
You see the profound truth in the teachings but struggle with applying it to the challenges of your everyday life.
You are ready to find what it takes to live the connected, joyful, and conscious life you KNOW is your calling.

Did you nod? Then click on the button below to get more info on how to let go of whatever holds you back.

This extended retreat is for brave people, who are ready to face those sides of life that are not comfortable. Who are willing to do the work, dig deep, be vulnerable, and open up to the truth, so they can integrate depressed emotions and experiences to become whole again.

The CET is for humans, who are aware of their responsibility to be part of the evolution of humankind. Who want to heal rather than hurt, connect rather than fight, accept rather than hate, and to show up as leaders in a world full of followers.

We believe, that only through self-realization, healing, and integration, we are able to become conscious of where we feed separation (within and outside) and move towards compassion, freedom, and love.


Modules & Schedule

The CET is a profound/intense/deep/comprehensive transformational extended retreat, that will take you on an 8-week journey to connect with yourself as well as other like-minded humans in the tribe.

At its heart, the whole tribe meets for a wonderful retreat in nature for a magical 3-day process of digging deep, uncovering old wounds, and healing them in a safe, perfectly curated setting with the assistance of plant medicine.

We believe that a truly life-changing experience with plant medicine can only happen when we are ready to explore consciously, with the right preparation before, and the supported integration afterward.

This is why we embedded this retreat into this 8-week extended retreat and called it the „Consciousness Explorers Tribe“. You will learn in-depth about how your reality is shaped by your own Trauma and Shadows. And how you can create your true dream-life by bringing light to what was hidden, accepting what you can not change, healing what has been wounded, and stepping into your full power by letting yourself be guided, not only by us but also by the spirits of the plants.

This is a unique opportunity. If you decide to be part of this extraordinary tribe, you will receive the following:

ALL videos, meditations, worksheets, and call recordings will be directly sent to your inbox for you to download, save, and access whenever you need to during the workshop and for the rest of your life.

While we absolutely understand that life can be bloody busy and sometimes gets in our way, every participant must commit to doing the work.
That means:
– watching every video and working through the exercises individually
– showing up in the tribe by attending the online group calls and sharing your journey as well as commenting on others‘ sharings.

If we feel like someone is not doing the preparation before the retreat with the needed seriousness, we keep the option of not allowing them to join the retreat. This is to assure everyone’s safety and the sovereignty of the tribe.

This said, let us give you more information about what you need to know to make this commitment:

Every Sunday – Group Call 18.00 – 21.30
Tribe bonding, sharing, learning from each other, accountability, questions, and even more exciting exercises for your journey.

3 day (Thursday arrival 12:00 – 14:00 to Sunday departure 15:00) retreat in a magical place in nature with a deeply transformative, professionally guided, psychedelic ceremony on Friday. (Santos niños).


Repeat Joy points, benefits, and results
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We spend the first 30, 40 years of our lives learning learning learning, only to then crash and spend the other half of our life re-learning and returning. If we are lucky, we discover the path to our own truth sooner.

No matter where you are in life, if you have read this far, this extended retreat can be exactly what you have been consciously or unconsciously waiting for.

It is a deeply personal decision to choose yourself and start to take back control over your wellbeing and happiness. We know how frightened that can be, as we have encountered this decision repeatedly and still make our conscious choice every day.

Personal success does not come for free. It requires your energy in the forms of time, work, dedication, and money. Money holds powerful transformational energy to implement more joy in your life if you look at it as an avenue for freedom.

Investing in yourself is the best way of reclaiming your life, and taking full responsibility for how much freedom and joy you create. Creating loving and nourishing relationships, by using our financial resources for what it’s supposed to be: the means to create more personal and common welfare.

It’s time for letting go of all that blame and shame you feel towards yourself. Releasing that deep grudge within you, that cripples your joy of life.

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